It’s pinball Kickstarter watch time again.

Chris Akin of Pennsylvania has started a Kickstarter project for funding towards the opening of the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Hall Of Fame And Museum.


The funding goal is a realistic $5,000.00 which would go toward needs such as:

  • Building Safety Modifications (Emergency Exits, Fire Safety)
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Legal registrations and licensing
  • Electrical Modifications To The Building

The goal is to open the facility by the Summer of 2015. More details on the project’s Kickstarter page. They are more than halfway there as of this writing, so the initial Kickstarter surge has been relatively strong. Actually, it looks like one backer stepped up to the GALAGA SUPER PACKAGE which makes up a majority of the amount raised thus far.


SSB is the editor of the website Fun With Bonus, home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of a journeyman professional/amateur pinball player.

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