excuse_010 - Lag

This gem was said by Dead Flip’s Jack Danger as he lost a ball during a charity live stream. Comcast sucks so bad that their crappy Internet service can cause you to lose the ball on a physical pinball game! It’s that frustrating!

OK, I realize this really only works if you are:

  • talking about a pinball simulation being streamed to someone else
  • playing someone online in a versus game of video pinball
  • maybe playing one of the new eSports pinball games?

The point is: Comcast sucks so bad that they don’t even know how much they suck. Recently, Dead Flip raised over $1,600.00 to benefit Pinball Outreach Project. They did so regardless of the fact that Comcast was “fixing the Internet outage” in the area. Well it didn’t get fixed, but pinballers persevere.

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The List of Pinball Excuses

The List of Pinball Excuses

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