“PinTips! Get your PinTips right here!”

Do you need some tips on how to play a game quick? Do you need to know now?

Go to to get fast twitter-length tips on pinball games. You can also contribute tips to the site. The best ones will be voted to the top.

From Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen:

“Share your pinball strategies at PinTips. Now the challenge will be making them concise enough to fit the length of a tweet.

It’s a place for pinball players to share tweet-length playing tips with each other. Vote on the best tips and they go to the top. Help new players get started and help create a level playing field by sharing your own tips and tricks!

Works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Just point your browser to and save it as a bookmark. Then it’s always there for you.”

This site is brilliantly convenient. Actually, I shared this on the Fun With Bonus Facebook group some time ago. However, after seeing this OP on TiltForums, I got the impression that I may have shared this too early. If so, I apologize to Andreas.

Now that it’s out, I think it’s time for me to get serious about adding some twitter-length tips and up-voting other good contributions.

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