The Pro Pinball Kickstarter has come and gone, and nearly 1,300 pinballers pledged to contribute to bring Pro Pinball back. Unfortunately, it was not enough to reach the goal set for the project.

It is heartening to know that Silverball Studios has not decided to cancel the project in any way. Just by looking at the samples on their Kickstarter page, I can tell that a lot of time and detail have already gone into the effort thus far. For how long will the project be delayed? No one but Silverball can say, but they have proven that Pro Pinball is a valuable project for at least 1,296 gamers. They’ve also proven that Pro Pinball can raise way more than $100,000.

I wonder what “plan B” will be? Since they did get more than $170,000 pledged, maybe they could split up the effort into 5 parts and try to fund each game individually. It wouldn’t be nearly as big of a nut to crack if they went for $100,000 and made timeshock! the initial project. $100,000 is a safer number and would account for any possible over-pledges.

Once it was released, people from industry standard gaming publications to pinball bloggers like myself, would see the potential quality of the series. Players would compare the new hotness to the previous version and appreciate the level of detail brought to the updated version. Then, they could use that positive pub to go to the next game for another $100,000 and so on.

I guess I am just vamping a little because I really want to see Pro Pinball return. Having more pinball makers is always “more gooder”.