According to some #Journalism by The Guardian a couple of weeks ago, The Pinball Hall of Fame was in danger of closing unless Tim Arnold found a replacement to run it.

But then, some more #Journalism happened recently that says the Pinball Hall of Fame is alive and well. The Pinball Hall of Fame is not in danger of closing, but instead Tim Arnold is looking to expand the facility.

So what we have is a conflict of #Journalism which has produced a quantum superposition. The Pinball Hall of Fame is both closing and expanding. It’s ending and succeeding at the same time. Much in the same way the the pinball scene in general is seen as both dying and surging, simultaneously.

What’s the real story? Is Schrodinger’s pinball scene dead or alive? I’m going with the latter for now because I am biased towards having more pinball exist of course. I suppose the second article could be considered a correction without acknowledgement by the first. For me to be sure would require me to do some #Journalism, and much like other “news” sites on the intertubes, I am at best an #Aggregator.

Did somebody say "gator"?

Did somebody say “gator”?

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