Episode 95 – Raymond Davidson joins the show!

Two Time IFPA Champion Raymond Davidson joins us this week to talk some pinball.

-Stargazer is Awesome
-IFPA Champ
-One Weekend, Three Shows
-Motor City Cheetah
-Sanctum Pingolf
-A Piece of News
-Ultimate Heads-Up Challenge
-Mail Ball Bag
-Face Off
-Upcoming Events

Episode 96 – The Trash Talker Committee gets serious and lays the smack down on one of its own. Also, never ever worry about being wrong on the Internet. Very soon, there will be many who will correct you.

-Getting Off The Garden
-TTI Controversy
-A Piece of News
-Bruce Correction
-Stargazer Rule Suggestions
-12 Hours of STOMP
-Mail Ball Bag
-Gameplan Replacement Boards
-Pinball Weekend
-Upcoming Events
-Critical Hit

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