Christopher Franchi talks pinball and podcasting.

After pre-inoculating himself against criticism, He goes through his several rules of making a good podcast … I mean list of guidelines … I mean TIPS. Yes. That all they are, just tips. He then successfully post-inoculates himself against more criticism, and we move on with our pinball lives.

I’ve got to make sure to break as many podcasting rules …  I mean TIPS … as possible on each podcast I do from now on, because it will be fun. Hey our first episode broke the first tip before the List of Tips was even released! We are so edgy!

Christopher Franchi, Artist of Batman 66 and Guardians of the Galaxay, joins us this week to talk pinball and podcasting.

-Franchi’s Pinball Podcast Tips Explained
-Crap Crates
-Dream Themes
-Lots of Upcoming Titles
-Silver Ballers Podcast
-Big Old Jet Had a Light On
-Franchi Burgers
-We Demand Answers!!
-Bruce Wants Toast
-Superhero Games
-More Pinball Food
-TWIP Dream Themes
-Kurt Russell in Tron?

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