Those “Real Hero, Real Genius” beer commercials are back on the scene. What if pinheads had commercials like that?

Episode description:

In Ep. 29 of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast Matt and Jason embark on a discussion of mistakes made in pinball. Common ones, ones we have made, they are everywhere. You either make mistakes in pinball, or you lie. We also have some fun with Pinheads of Genius, made in the style of the famous beer commercials that are now making a comeback in slightly different form. We figured, why stop with the internet. Let’s do some for OUR hobby and passion. This is the result. We apologize for any hearing damage, as Jason is a podcaster, not a singer. You have been warned, but it was fun, and funny as hell working with Matt to write this. We ALSO have a Flip, Bolt or Torch 1987 edition! Thanks for jumping onboard. Climb out of the basement, grab one of those bendy straws, and LET’S DO THIS!!!!!

-Sir Dip $#&@, “The Ever-virgin”

Episode Summary:

Prologue: Real Pinheads of Genius: “Mr. Doesn’t Bathe For a Pinball Show”

1.) Brief summary of What we have been up to!

2.) Industry happenings

3.) Mistakes in Pinball

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