Slap Save responds to the … response to their predictions episode FROM THE FUTURE!

Chris introduces some pinball terms for your immediate use.



Episode description:

In episode #9 of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast we discuss the response to our last show and our BS we were tossing around, a gathering at Chris’s house (he is somehow free to roam the building without a straight jacket or Hannibal Lector mask), we announce the winner of our PINSTADIUM giveaway, we deep dive in our opinions on the reason for pinball’s skyrocketing popularity and Chris, due to heavy medication that prevents Hulk style rage, goes on a relatively benign instruction of a few pinball terms to help out newer folks to the hobbySurprise, he still somehow goes rogue.  Thanks for joining us on this ride and we would love to hear from you through any of the channels below!

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