It’s worth noting the the retail price for The Pin is now $2,499, down from the original $3,000. Hey STERN, $1,999 would be a powerful number. Just having that “1” in front would make it seem a lot more affordable. Think about how game console makers want to be able to crack that $199.00 price barrier as soon as they can. It would surely get more people, who are rediscovering the hobby, to think about getting a machine for the home. Besides, “nineteen ninety-nine” just rolls off the tongue more smoothly. Do it.


Veronica Belmont and George Gomez

Tekzilla’s Veronica Belmont interviews STERN’s George Gomez at CES about The Pin. They were showing off their “consumer level” versions of Transformers and The Avengers.

Engadget talks with Gary Stern in this extended interview at CES. They discussed a variety of topics including the future of pinball.