The driver who performs the most ruthless parking attempt, and posts the highest score, wins a new Ford with parking assist.

It is a promotion, so how much of this was staged? By that I mean how many of the drivers were in on it? How can you not notice a giant noisy electronic thing above you on a scaffold, over the top of a suspiciously small parking space.

Plus, I’m sure that as soon as anyone saw the guy get a “New Record”, someone else would have come along and set an even newer new record.

I guess parking in Paris really is that hard to come by.

Thanks: Steve Laybourn Cartoon

In Paris, people will do whatever it takes to fit into a parking space. We took this as an opportunity to promote Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps even the worst drivers park their cars effortlessly.

We installed a giant pinball (scoreboard) over a free parking space and programmed the bumpers of the front and rear cars to react as pinball bumpers. The more the drivers hit the bumpers, the higher their score.