Tim Sexton offers post-commentary of a match of Dialed IN! between ZEN and himself.

If you are disappointed with the scoring system of Dialed IN!, listen to what Tim says early into the video because it makes perfect sense and is a simple, concise way to think of the scoring system:

“Ten thousand is kind of like a million.”

So if you have to mentally add two zeros at the end of everything to make bumpers start at 25,000 and combos at about 100,000 points, Jackpots starting at 500,000 and 1,000,000 and good mode performances worth about 5 to 50 million each, then do that. When you get used to this, hopefully you will get used to the scoring system, know that it’s not much of a difference at all and stop needing those extra mental zeroes at the end.

In this game, a “Billionaire Score” is Ten Million.


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