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2013 PAPA Circuit Final Round 13 and 14


Head up to the mountains and the great FRONTIER and you might see an IRON MAN! Rounds 13 and 14 of the 2012 PAPA Circuit Final. Players you will see include:

Daniele Acciari, Joshua Henderson, Trent Augenstein, Steven Bowden, Cayle George

Live from PAPA Headquarters in Scott Township, PA

Round 13
Game: Frontier


Steven Bowden
Joshua Henderson
Daniele Acciari
Cayle George


Round 14
Game: Iron Man


Steven Bowden
Joshua Henderson
Daniele Acciari
Trent Augenstein


In the Endurance phase, the four lowest-seeded players play a machine, and the player with the lowest score is eliminated and replaced by the next highest seed for the next round. The winner of each game receives an immediate $100 prize.


Author: SSB

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