The source of this is a bit from the past (like two months ago). However, the article is detailed, the podcast this comes from has over a million followers on SoundCloud and the content is evergreen so there we go.

Everyone has tried it at some point. The authorities started turning a blind eye years ago, but it wasn’t officially legalized until the summer of 2014. Finally, after more than 80 years of illegitimacy, the City of Oakland has legalized…pinball machines.

Pinball’s design history can help explain why it was illegal for so long. The game used to be a bit more like billiards–you’d shoot the ball onto the play field with a pool stick. In the 1860s, the pool cue turned into a spring-loaded plunger, that you’d pull and release to launch the ball. The game was made small, to fit on top of a counter at a bar or drugstore, and it looked like a simple wooden box, with no electricity, flashy art, or bright colors.

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