This ball was saved with a Wicked Shimmy, but then another great thing happened!

That’s right, I just did a Buzzfeed!


What happened next was a Lazarus! Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say what it was if I am Buzzfeeding, right?

Watch live video from FGW_SFPD on www.twitch.tv

Awesomeness provided by the San Francisco Pinball Department.

From JimiWolf on TILTForums:

We played our spring season league playoffs yesterday at the SF Pinball Dept., and Derek L. was streaming the whole thing. Good thing, because he filmed this awesome sequence from the eventual runner up, Robin Lassonde.

In this snippet, she is playing the semis vs Andrei M. and it’s tied 1-1. She picks Eight Ball Deluxe and this is her ball 3. https://www.twitch.tv/fgw_sfpd/v/6814392996


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