At the Texas Pinball Festival, Bowen gave a live tutorial on Total Nuclear Annihilation to a packed house. Before starting, Bowen calls his shot by saying the goal is to destroy reactor nine which would beat the game.

Click this picture to go to the video on the TPF twitch channel.

As he is working through the reactors, teaching everyone about one of the best games to be released in the past ten years, it starts to dawn on us that he might actually do it. He works through reactor six and then seven, making great saves including a wicked shimmy from the outlane.

The scene gets more intense as the audience is filled with excitement and anticipation. Just as it looks like Bowen will fail and get that often seen game over screen, he battles through his nervousness and succeeds in destroying the future!

After cheerful screaming, celebration and hugs, it is announced that Bowen has been hired by Spooky Pinball to work on rules for their games. The scene was almost movie-like in its execution. And there was much rejoicing.

(Backup copy filmed by me in case the TPF video is unavailable.)

Here is the link to the rest of the Texas Pinball Festival seminar videos.

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