I listened to this podcast twice, back to back, and I have not one red cent invested in a Zidware product. That’s how compelling Coast to Coast Pinball episode 167 is.

I have such sympathy for those who had invested in the products only to have this quandary presented to them.

I abhor politically correct pseudo-happy corporate speak, and it shows up here in spades. The letters presented to the investors who wanted to get their hands on ultra-limited edition ZidWare designs are littered with this kind of not-quite-legalese language. Also included in one of the greatest/worst clauses I’ve heard in some time:

… a standstill agreement is important to ensure that Consultant is not needlessly distracted by demands or litigation during this critical time.

WonkaPopcornNate provides the context to fully appreciate that statement. With this coming soon after the Skit-B affair, it’s a wonder how Zidware and this mysterious third party thought this plan of action would be well-received by the investors.

I think I’ve been sufficiently spoiler-free so far in this post. It appears that Michael Jackson and Willy Wonka are ready.

Let’s get the show on the road with C2CP Episode 167.

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And now … as I dive into and lurk at the side of the pool of Pinside, I see there are now over ten-thousand posts on the thread that covers this topic. It looks kind of … dark and scary in here … I wonder if I’ll come back alive …


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