Does it brighten up your day?

(If you know what the title and first sentence comes from without searching for it, you are gaming scholar!)

That picture above basically boils down Sunshine Laundromat in one shot. You’ve got a bunch of washer/dryers on one side, a bunch of A-list games on the other, and somewhere there are games tucked behind other games, like that Whitewater Bigfoot foot in the picture.

Anyway, Ron Hallett, Jr. presents a quick tour of the Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn, NY. This is during the New York IFPA State Pinball Championship.

Do you see what I’ve been telling you?! All of these A-List games and a working Big Bang Bar, in a laundromat! It’s proof that if you have the gumption, you can squeeze pinball games pretty much anywhere.

I wonder what makes them more money: the pinball games, or the washers and dryers? It’s gotta still be the washers and dryers, right. They eat up about $5.00 worth of quarters per round where as the pinball games are 75 cents. However, washer/dryers take about half an hour to an hour to do their thing, while a pinball game usually lasts mere minutes.

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