Ring the bells and sound the alarms! Pinball News announced yesterday that there will be yet another new pinball manufacturer producing full-size pinball machines. United Kingdom based company, Heighway Pinball will be making a new game, Circe’s Animal House, with the goal of releasing in the early months of 2013.

Now, there is even a video of the announcement with Pinball News’ Martin Ayub and Andrew Highway presiding over the event.

I am of course very encouraged to know that there will now be not one, not two, but now three full size pinball makers on the planet. More pinball manufacturers is always “more gooder”. I realize my chances of being able to play this game are a bit smaller since it will be based in the UK. However, they will be shipping internationally, so I’ll keep hope alive. Maybe we will get a preview at “Pinball Expo”…

Speaking of which, what is STERN Pinball going to use for their tagline when 2013 rolls around? I just checked, and their site still says, “The only maker of REAL pinball games on the planet”. By that time, Jersey Jack’s The Wizard of Oz pinball will also be released (right?).

Anyway, stop reading this and go to the (over 17 minute!) video on Pinball News. Then, if you haven’t already, go back and view more on Pinball News’ detailed preview page. Have a sit-down, because if you know Pinball News, then you know the Circe’s Animal House preview is as detailed as their game reviews.