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This year, the voters got to determine some of the events that will be included in the PAPA Circuit. This deserves some Election Night music.

The voting has ended. After all precincts have reported, we are ready to make the call, and Donald Trump … has nothing to do with this (at least not yet). Neither Claire nor Frank Underwood have been seen making any quid pro quo negotiations behind the scenes in smoke-filled pinball parlors.


Lets go to the Election Desk were the results are being revealed now. Prepare your sphincters, everybody!

(H/T: Todd Seaver)

(H/T: Todd Seaver)

Quoting PAPA:

The voting for the Circuit schedule has concluded. The results are listed below. Top 8 events will be added to the 2016-2017 PAPA Circuit schedule:

1. Pinball at the Zoo (360)
2. 24 Hour Final Battle (258)
3. OBX Flippers Fall Tournament (254)
4. Buffalo Pinball Summer Open (253)
5. Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show (252)
6. Bat City Open (217)
7. Dutch Pinball Masters (188)
8. Boras Pinball Open (180)
—Cut Line—
9. Texas Pinball Festival (179)
10. NW Pinball Championship (165)
11. Pinbowl 5 (155)
12. Vancouver Flipout (145)
13. California Extreme (122)
14. Portland Pinbrawl (69)
15. Silverball Rumble (64)

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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