This is another kind of coin box.


Listen to the Coinbox Pinball Podcast
Episode 11

It’s pinball from the operators’ perspective. Learn how operators generate and maintain profit at their establishment and deal with liabilities that come with running a pinball route. See how location and the themes of your games can affect profit. Enjoy the StalkerCam updates. You’ll understand what that means when as you listen to the show.

Check out their podcast page here to listen from the beginning. ==>

Hey, guess what? If you operate games well like these podcasters do, and keep them working, people will travel from far and wide to get to your establishment and your coinbox will show that. I, myself have driven many hours repeatedly to get to places that I know have a reputation of having well-operated games maintained by enthusiastic pinballers.

However, what if instead there were a place that simply has pinball games somewhere, breaking down, deteriorating with pieces missing, broken wires and dirty playfields? Well then, I’d rather there were NO pinball at the establishment than have it exist as a model of bad pinball. Examples like that poison the market and leaves a bad impression especially for new players.

These guys at Coinbox know what they are doing, they are dedicated and I wish them much continued success and high coin-drop return in the future. The best part is they are not alone. There are dedicated operators everywhere. Support those operators and businesses that support pinball.

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