Austin Mackert presents gameplay and commentary on Bally’s Doctor Who. This game seems simple, but you can begin to see the layers that this game has when you play a multiplayer game.

  • What Doctor does Player One choose?
  • Maybe they will go for Sonic Booms or jam the W-H-O ramps?
  • Does Player One choose to try to lock both balls in the Time Expander on ball one and block the other players out? How difficult is it to hit the center button on the Time Expander?
  • Is is easy to find the rhythm of the right loop. By the way, there is a rhythm. If you can find it on the game you are playing you might be able to hit right loop without looking. Very useful for multiball.
  • Maybe Player Two will cash out on Video Mode.
  • If Player Three locks the balls in the Time Expander, will they choose to just NOT go for multiball at all? That power move could frustrate the other players.