Morten Andre Søbyskogen returns with episode two of the pinball show, Drain Talk (Norwegian Pinball Adventures).

Guest hosting is Tom-Andre. Interview with Bernd Prucher and Markus Stix (APO organizers). Also, beer tasting!

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Video description:

DrainTalk is my superchill pinball show focusing on the competitive pinball scene in Norway, good company and beer. Through this vidcast I will be talking about the Norwegian pinball scene, talking to players, tournament organizers and what makes this hobby so important for us all.

This second episode is a personal recollection of my travels to Austria and Austria Pinball Open from 2016-2019 together with my mate Tom, and how life changed during those visits with Sandras passing. It is a celebration of friendship and the great experiences one gets when travelling to tournaments in other countries. We also have the pleasure of speaking to the organizers of the Austrian Pinball Open, and also of course tasting some exquisite austrian beers not possible to buy in Norway.

I am also discussing the norwegian rankings, the horrible WPPR decay and my failure to not increase my pinball collection further.

Go to the YouTube channel video link for a more detailed synopsis and timestamps of the episode (and to subscribe!):
Drain Talk episode 2: Norwegian pinball adventures in Austria!

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