The games at PAPA 20, which spectators watched on vertically oriented, high-definition TV screens with play-by-play commentary, ranged from 1970s and ’80s electro-mechanical machines Skateball, The Jungle Queen and Fathom to newer titles, such as “The Walking Dead” and Iron Man-themed tables.

“Lots of people are good at one era or another, but it’s very difficult to be good at all eras because of the different skill sets and rules,” Adam said. “And yet Escher is able to master all of them.”

It also helps that Adam maintains a barn on the Lefkoff property — which he shares with his wife Sandra and Escher’s 15-year-old sister, Ainsley, as well as two dogs, five sheep, 60 chickens and three turkeys — that’s filled with 30 pinball tables, to which the home-schooled Escher has virtually unlimited access.

Source: Escher Lefkoff, best pinball player in the world, lives in Longmont