Sunshine Laundromat is back in action! This lineup of A-level games has been expanded into a larger area so it’s time to revisit if you happen to be anywhere around Brooklyn, NY. There is also a bar there when you need to get your drink on and your snack on, as you get your flip on.

From The New York Times


Article: Cleaning Up at the Arcade

A recent renovation has divided (mostly, anyway) the pinball machines from the washers and dryers. Soundproofing has softened the noise somewhat. And a speakeasy door in the back, fashioned from the fronts of two vertically stacked dryers, now leads to a 1,000-square-foot arcade with 23 pinball machines, a photo booth and a coin-operated fortunetelling chimp, along with a wine and beer bar …

From Brooklyn Magazine


Article: On Pinball and Happiness

Bringing things into your life—pinball, cookies, sweatpants, art, running, knitting, jokes, really strong coffee, park benches, dogs, anything—that are meaningful to you will bring you happiness. And other people who like those same things will see you enjoying them, which is attractive, so they will talk to you, and hang out. Just like that, you’ll be busy enjoying all those things that make you happy and have brand new friends.

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SunshineLineup2My favorite place just got more favoriter… Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn reopened with more pinball machines and a bar!

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