Podcast synopsis:

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 12: The Pinburgh (trivia) Challenge

Hosts: Jeff Teolis & Martin Robbins

Who will be the 2020 champ, have their name on the big (virtual) banner, and win a trophy from ULEKstore?!?!

Follow along, as Martin Robbins and Jeff Teolis fill the void this weekend.

Hear from these contestants, plus 10 special guests!
Group 1: Corey Hulse, Greg Poverelli, Joe Fox, Robert Byers
Group 2: Joe Ciaravino, Kevin Chau, Phil Birnbaum, Christopher Franchi
Group 3: Chad Hobbs, Erik Wurtenburger, Alex Ward, Chris Warren
Group 4: Colin Dundes, Brian Dye, Elizabeth Cromwell, Petey Hendricks
Group 5: Shephen Haberman, Matthew Richardson, Lauren Gray, Colin McAlpine
Group 6: Imoto Harney, Tommy Loranger, Stacey Borg, Karl DeAngelo
Group 7: Morten Søbyskogen, Joe Schoeber, Gene X Hwang, Bowen Kerins
Group 8: Scott Larson, Ron Hallett, Joshua Roop, Bruce Nightingale.
listen here: www.thepinballnetwork.net
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Twitter: @finalroundpin

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