I am reminded that of the games I own, more than one are great games that are attached to bad movies.

Congo – great game, bad movie but it least it had Tim Curry and Ernie Hudson in it.

Shadow – great game, bad movie but at least it had Tim Curry in it.

Demolition Man – great game, bad mov — well is it that bad? That movie wraps around from being bad and becomes good again. #TacoBell

Episode synopsis:

Hosts: Jeff Teolis & Martin Robbins

Guest: Colin MacAlpine

– Episode 7 recap and hangover
– Pinball content provider praise
– Colin MacAlpine joins us (finally)
– How to dissect a game for scoring
– Iron Maiden 900 million Deathblow
– Best strategies for Deadpool & Lord of the Rings
– The Lazashatz
– Great pinball players working for pinball manufacturers
– Stern Showdown round 1 surprises
– Influential pinball machines
– Sponsor of the week
– Good pinball machines, but bad movies

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