Fistshark Marketing: Wizardry

What if there are real pinball wizards among us, with real powers to manipulate silver spheres? They are still competing with each other today. They just want to remain inconspicuous.

The unscrupulous Executives over at FistShark Marketing are investigating the situation. They wish to see whether they can exploit it for fun and profit.

Click the link below, and start at time 18:05 to listen to the strategy meeting in progress. Please be mindful to not share the contents of the meeting with other non-wizards. The Marketing Executives and their superiors would not be pleased if this information were to be released to the public.

am able to confirm, with reasonable certainty, that FistShark Marketing is in no way related or affiliated with DeepRoot Pinball or DeepRoot Tech. FistShark Marketing also denies any involvement with current pinball manufacturers or consultants, despite what the rumors on certain forums may have reported previously.

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Author: SSB

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