Roller Disco

Sure, I realize they are trying to sell you games, but I like how they are producing their promotional videos. Gameroom Collectibles using a split-screen format where the full view of the playfield is on the left and the scoreboard and backglass are on the right.

There is an introduction to each game via short run-through of the features and some quick tips on what to do. Then you get to see some live play.

They are based in Downingtown, Pennsylvania with is in the same town as Bill Disney’s Pinball Gallery. I wonder if Gameroom Collectibles has sold any games to Pinball Gallery or vice versa.

Roller Disco

Wizard of Oz

Scared Stiff


Now, let’s compare these videos with how they used to do them.


Gameroom Collectibles
1155 Horseshoe Pike
Downingtown, PA 19335