Warning! The following is cheesy. Really cheesy. I’m talking double-triple-diamond deluxe with cheese. SuPeR ChEeSy.

I really never understood this promotional technique. They sure aren’t going after players, they are aiming this toward the operators. Is this what enticed operators back in the day? This sounds like a parody of itself.

What if a pinball maker decided to come out with, High Speed 3: The Next Getaway for example.

Pinball Maker: “Hey, operator person, you really want to buy this game for your location.”

Operator: “Why?”

Pinball Maker: “Well, this game will really get your change machine motors running! The profits will roll on in as players turbocharge to your location.

I couldn’t even type out that hypothetical example without being a little bit disgusted.

Is it like this for other products? For instance: Do guitar makers say that you really want to buy and resell our guitars because customers will be drawn to your location like puppets on strings?

Here’s another example. Have a look at this flyer! LOOK AT IT! The game isn’t even in it. AT ALL.


“Set sail into a sea of profits”? Really? Did these promo people even respect the intelligence of their customers with this type of marketing language? You KNOW the game has to suck when it’s not even in the flyer, and they instead choose give shout-outs to other more successful games.