Gameroom Collectibles shows off a Bram Stoker’s Dracula machine.

This game is a prime example of a feast or famine scoring system. You might get less than 20 million on one game, and then follow that up with a game where you score over a billion points. It all depends on whether you can stack those multiballs together.

This game does not have a wizard mode, but one feature that feels just as fun is when you can stack all three multiballs. You could call this pseudo-wizard mode “Thirty Million!”. As soon as you hear Dracula say that, it means you have all three multiballs active at once. Prepare for your score to jump into the stratosphere! Your score keeps jumping as long as you can stay alive and hit shots.

Those players who can control the madness of “Thirty Million” are the ones you will see with their initials on the scoreboard.

Once “Thirty million” is over, you can “build the house” back up again from scratch. You are never too far away from your next multiball and you can use one multiball to build toward the others.

This game is the source of a few of the quotes you see in the byline of this website under the header. Go ahead, refresh the page. It’s probably another quote from this game.