Hardcore Gamer reviews Stern’s Ghostbusters.

It had only been there a few hours when I got to play it, and was still being tuned and tweaked for optimal performance, but seeing the full layout in person and getting to send balls flying every which way over the vibrant, energetic layout was a lot of fun and a little frustrating. … It’s a thing of beauty, and other than the green metal trim from the Limited Edition that’s exactly what I played today.

There were a few issues with the table design that needed to be ironed out, though.  Some of these issues are simple tuning of the machine and others built into the layout.  The flipper gap, for example, is wide enough to drive a truck through when compared to other tables, and unlike most games I lost my ball down the center far more than the sides because of this.

Source: Hands-on with the Physical Ghostbusters Premium Pinball | Hardcore Gamer