Modern Pinball NYC has been in business for one whole year and shows no signs of stopping! Congratulations to the Modern Pinball crew for continuing to offer a premium location of high-quality pinball games.

If you are anywhere near Manhattan and enjoy pinball, then you owe it to yourself to visit Modern Pinball. It will become one of your favorite places to play.

From the video description:

Pinball all-stars and industry veterans congratulate Modern Pinball NYC on its first year in business. Featured are Roger Sharpe, Bowen Kerins, Dennis Nordman, Pat Lawlor, Martin Ayub, Steve Ritchie, Larry DeMar (LED), Eugene Jarvis, Lyman Sheats Jr., John Trudeau, Zach Sharpe, Jack Guarnieri, NBA’s Todd MacCulloch, NFL’s Rich Gannon, Nick Lombardo and more. Pinball lives on!

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