Chris Kooluris joins Ryan and Martin to pass judgement on pinball manufacturers.

Who or what will survive scrutiny? Prognostication! Analyzation! Predictions! Marketing!

My popcorn is ready.

  • Kaneda Bio
  • 2017 Year in review for all Manufactures
  • Will they make it in 2018?
  • Updates for Woz, GOTG, SW
  • Steve Ritchie Live!
  • Switch Pinball Arcade
  • CDMD for GOT
  • Eric Meunier’s Triceps
  • We beg for the TWIPYs
  • The TWERPYs!
  • Rob Radar is back
  • Dialed In! is finally Dialed In!
  • Hashmans party
  • Mailbag
  • Martin doesn’t want Ryan

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