I finally got that billion I was searching for on Star Trek pinball. The best part was a few of my friends were there to see it. I still have not much of a clue about the second level wizard mode other than I need to cradle a ball on the left flipper and shoot the spinner a lot more to survive longer.



So far, it looks like you need to score enough switches to clear each level of the mode. Then you need to make a shot to add a ball and advance to the next level so you can score more switches. The ball save at the start of the mode is much shorter than Kobayashi Maru and the add-a-ball saver has no grace period. I’m not sure what the photon torpedoes do if anything other than serving as a distraction. The color changing shots may add another dimension to the mode, or perhaps they are just a ruse as well.

My score was not the Grand Champion score. That GC score was a result of the flakey warp opto frenzy, which if you haven’t seen that video, click here to check it out.

My second level medal cash-in was worth 259 million points due to having double scoring and 30 medals. Here’s a screen grab of that cash-in. Well, at least the best I could get from the video.


Total from 30 medals

Star Trek is so fun. It may be my new favorite game. I’ll have to reserve judgement until after I see what the new version of the Five Year Mission offers.

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