If there was ever an appropriate time for special dispensation away from pinball, this is it.

Welcome to the fabulous world of Tetris, a world where ultimate mastery requires … well … I don’t know what it requires. I’ll never come close to this level of anything ever so just watch it for yourselves.

This is Tetris the Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct. Doesn’t that title just sound like someone is about to suffer a serious curb-stomping outside of a local bar?

How about Tetris the Absolute the Grand Master 2 PLUS? That sounds like a game that will beat you down until you can’t take it anymore.

Watch champion pinball player Kevin Birrell (KevinDDR) take some time out of his schedule to dissect Master Mode of Tetris TGM3 in front of a huge gathering of onlookers, streamed live over the Internet. You will see why Kevin deserves every bit of the standing ovation he gets at the end of the video.

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