Because reasons.

Because you don’t need a reason.

Because the Flash pinball machine is awesome.

Also, if you get the pun intended in the headline, I see you and I appreciate you.

For years people have asked Trailer Tom when he was going to jump a pinball machine on a snowboard. The answer is July 6, 2016.

About 9am Chad Otterstrom and Trailer Tom headed to the top of the mountain near the continental divide. The mission was to jump a pinball machine on a snowboard….

Trailer’s pickup truck was loaded down with so much gear for the event it must have looked like the Beverly Hillbillies were moving to the mountains of Colorado.

“4 low” gear was needed from time to time to climb up the mountain with all the necessary equipment in the back of the truck to film the snowboard jump over the pinball game.

After a couple of hours of shoveling snow for a take off and landing, Trailer and Chad set up a pinball machine, started up the generator to power the machine, and played pinball while jumping their snowboards over the game!!

Amazing history was made once more!

Filmed by: Trailer Tom, and Chad Otterstrom

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