Chris thinks that doing a podcast after watching a livestream with people named Timballs and CrazyLevi defines our hobby.

Let’s go further. This podcast is hosted by Chris, who calls himself Kaneda, and has referred to himself in the third person via that pseudonym during the show. Let’s go even further. This podcast is now being shared on a website with a name that does not represent a person. It’s a concept. But people have referred to that concept as my pseudonym, even though I didn’t make it up.

That’s just as hobby-defining as … well … any other hobby where people have pseudonyms. Which is to say it’s not that peculiar at all.

I just listened to a gaming podcast hosted by people who have called themselves Jim F*cking Sterling Son, Laura K. Buzz – Queen of Butts, and Miracle of Sound.

Anyway, here’s the show that Chris says I never share.

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