Fun With Bonus

A term coined by Cameron Silver of Williams (trade name: WMS Industries, Inc.) to describe what happens when you end your ball, and the pinball game gives you the bonus that you have earned.

However, pinball games don’t just give you the bonus because that would be boring. Instead, pinball games will give you some base points, maybe enhance it with a multiplier and then add some more points from other modes and various awards. Then it will count up the bonus for you with exciting sounds and entertaining visual effects. The game is having fun with your bonus.

Fun With Bonus on Eight Ball Champ – Video by Mike Mahaffey

Fun With Bonus on Addams Family – video by: orbaddict

Fun With Bonus on Medieval Madness – video by: orbaddict

Reference: Bowen Kerins, 2012-2013 PAPA Circuit Final Marathon – Round 4 – time: 22:30

“Fun With Bonus” moments happen in other, gaming-based situations as well.

Slot Machines

In the slot world, fun with bonus is referred to as a “Credit Rack”. The slot machines doesn’t just give you the money you have won. They use flashing lights and catchy music to keep the gambler entertained and to keep them wanting to playing more slots. Some of my favorite examples of Credit Racks come from the Williams (yes, that Williams) G+ Deluxe series of slot machines.

Knight’s Keep, G+ Reel Boost Series

Leprechaun’s Gold, G+ Deluxe (example of a ‘Mega Big Win’ credit rack starts at 1:22) – video by: casinomannj

WMS has posted the Mega Big Win jingle on Soundcloud. Of course, this is now my ringtone.
Imagine if a pinball game played a condensed version of this after a player finished a great ball as they received their bonus points.

Shmups (shoot-em-ups)

These games go through a “fun with bonus” mode usually at the end of stages to tell how well you did. Players receive mountainous amounts of bonus points after the game calculates the number of medals, combos, and other skillful things they did during the stage.

Maybe that is part of the reason why I like shmups even though I am not very good at them. Also, a good shmup is a shining example of pure gameplay in the world of videogames.

Special Demonstrations #5: Dodonpachi Saidaioujou ver1.5 (bonus starts at 32:22)