STERN have a Kickstarter to produce a coffee table book celebrating 30 years of Stern Pinball.

They have a Premium, Limited Edition and a limited to 30 (already sold out) Super LE package. That’s cute.

Check out the Kickstarter page here:

Presenting Keeping the Ball Alive: 30 Years of Stern Pinball, a collectible coffee table book that takes a deep look at the Stern company: the artists, the technical side, and the games created over the last 30 years! The finished book will be a dazzling representation of the world of pinball through the eyes of the Stern company. Filled with art, diagrams, interviews, and interesting facts, it is sure to inform and satisfy even the most die hard pinball fan.

Ed Robertson for Paperflock.Com Kickstarter

Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson is throwing his support behind the new PaperFlock Kickstarter campaign to produce an incredible 30 Year Stern Pinball Coffee Table Book! Join in the effort and own a piece of pinball history!

Posted by Stern Pinball on Thursday, October 20, 2016

Steve Ritchie Interview

PaperFlock interview feature with legendary game designer Steve Ritchie! "Keeping the Ball Alive: 30 Years of Stern Pinball" is a Kickstarter campaign to make an incredible collectible coffee table book! Today PaperFlock announced the addition of 100 more LE units which were previously sold out! Join the effort here:

Posted by Stern Pinball on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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