It’s a new pinball podcast with Kevin Ryan and Ryan Wagner!

I don’t know if I missed it but, one thing I didn’t not catach is the reason the podcast is named “Little Kings”.



From Kevin Ryan:

Yes, yes, yes… I know. Yet ANOTHER pinball podcast. Myself and Ryan Wanger have joined forces to talk about pinball and many, many different things directly and indirectly related to pinball. Our first episode is up and we learned quite a bit from the experience. Our new recording studio at Comet LED world HQ has proved to be a better space and we recorded two separate sessions last night. One with and one without special guests. On a side note, the guacamole was very tasty too. Keep your eye on this facecrack page for more updates and information.

Any feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.

Have yourself a great day and PLAY SOME PINBALL!

Also … Little Kings Pinball Podcast … YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!


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