A retired software engineer going by the name “Tony the Pinball Wizard” has successfully created a pinball machine that is almost entirely 3D printed.

This machine was made to be shown off at the 3D FilaPrint stand at a 3D printing trade show. And quite the display it is, as the finished product used no less than 85 different types of filament.

See the amazing work of one man as he creates a pinball machine from scratch.

Source: Man 3D prints a fully functional, full size pinball machine – htxt.africa

Tony 3D Printed Pinball Machine

Nothing more satisfying than finishing work and having an evening of 3D Desktop Printed pinball, especially when you live and work in Southend On Sea! Tony your a genius 🙂 Watch it using the HD option.

Posted by 3D FilaPrint on Thursday, September 22, 2016