Remember conventions? With lightsabers and interviews and vendors and stuff?

I ‘member.

Video description:

Imoto Arcade and Marco Tv did some incredible interviews directly from the floor at SFGE2019. Join as we relive the excite[ment] from :

Dan DeBusschere – Logistics Crew Chief SFGE
Patrick Wall – SFGE Co-Founder
Mark Jarzewiak – SFGE Pinball Tournament Organizer
Preston Burt – SFGE Organizer
Brandi Fosters – Atlanta Bells & Chimes Organizer
Waison Cheng – Stern Pinball Game Designer & Software Engineer
Kristin Browning-Mezel – Mezel Mods
Bryan Broyles – Portal Pinball
Preston Burt – SFGE Co-Founder
Federick Richardson – AKA Funky Fresh
Mica Critchfield – Gameroom Crew Chief SFGE
Josh Kugler – American Pinball Director of Software Engineering
Whitney Roberts – Broken Token Podcast
Brett Griffen – Broken Token Podcast
Zach Men[y] – Flip-N-Out Pinball & Straight Down the Middle & This Week In Pinball

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