Lexy Lightspeed gets a name change.

The second game title is announced as Cosmic Cart Racing.

Here’s a new teaser thing that was recently released, and here is a website -> http://multimorphic.com/

From the video description:

Introducing the P3, a multi-game pinball platform by Multimorphic.

This is real, physical pinball… with a twist. The modularity of the platform allows the physical show layouts and features to be changed, enabling a wide range of games in the same cabinet.

Coupling the modularity with the dynamic and interactive playfield graphics makes the P3 a true next-generation pinball platform, ideal for both consumers and operators.

Game 1 is Lexy Lightspeed – Escape from Earth and is almost ready for production!

The P3 will be an open platform system. 3rd party game developers should contact us for information about obtaining a development kit to create additional games for the P3.

For more information, visit www.multimorphic.com

I like how Multimorphic has stressed that this is a no money down, no risk pre-order on the website.

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