Shotgun / Shotgun Seat


  • The player with the second best seed in a pinball playoff.
    • Since the Driver has first choice and usually chooses the game to play each time, the Shotgun usually has first choice of the order of play. This means the Shotgun has the advantage of choosing to play last in each game of the playoff.
    • If the Driver instead chooses to pick order, then the Shotgun Seat gets the advantage of choosing the game to play.
  • Example: If a 4-player match consisted of these players,
    • Seed #2 – Alex Driver (<– first choice)
    • Seed #5 – Jimmy Shotgun (<– the Shotgun Seat)
    • Seed #6 – Sammy Slapsave
    • Seed #8 – Billy Bounceback
      • Alex makes all of the first decisions for the playoff.
      • If Alex likes to pick the game to play, Jimmy can look forward to the option of going last in whatever game Alex chooses.
      • If Alex elects to go last, Jimmy can look forward to picking the game that will be played.

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