Are you a pinballer who is going to be near Beantown next weekend? You lucky dog! If you can brave the unnecessary one-way streets and the snarl of Mass Ave., you could see Bowen Kerins and Mark Steinman give a seminar at PAX East.

They will demonstrate pro pinball proficiency, complete with the overhead camera view you’ve come to know and love from the PAPA Tutorial Videos.

See Bowen call his shots and explain how to not drain so fast at:

PAX East, Sunday March 24th, 2:30 PM, Naga Theatre.

I hope there will be video of this. By that I mean video of the seminar and not just the overhead camera.

How To Play Pinball

Playing pinball—isn’t that just slamming the buttons and hoping the ball goes in the right direction?  NO!  Two-time PAPA World Champion Bowen Kerins will teach you how to aim, how to nudge, how to control the ball, and how to strategically plan your way through a game.  Bowen will play his way through live games of pinball while the action is captured and displayed via a camera mounted above the game.


Bowen Kerins [Pinball Player, Pro-Am Pinball Association], Mark Steinman [Coordinator, Pro-Am Pinball Association]