… And that bag is YouTube. What do I mean? Well, if you have been checking your YouTube subscription box lately, you should have noticed a massive influx of PAPA videos. A LOT. Like a metric crap-ton of videos all at once. You say you didn’t see that? You must not be subscribed to their YouTube channel so you should go fix that right away.

Subscribe to PAPApinball

Subscribe to PAPApinball

I suppose they came from what used to be the Vimeo PAPA channel. However, YouTube isn’t all that friendly to high-quality vertical video like what Vimeo used to be once upon a time.

Using the YouTube Center Chrome extension does help a little since it allows you to limitedly scale YouTube videos. So go get that too. It’s not from the Chrome web store, so you are going to have to do some things and stuff…

Check out this awesome game of Hoops! (It’s not awesome. Yes IT IS! SHUT UP!)

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