Pinball Pros(e) v0.1.5 #PAPAsnob

This "'shop" is brilliant! I take no credit for this.

This “‘shop” is brilliant! I take no credit for this.

Are you a #PAPAsnob? You might be a #PAPAsnob if …

(inspired by the Pittsburgh Pinball League and Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck, if …” series.)


  • If you visit route locations expecting games to work and play reasonably well …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you vote with your dollars by praising and revisiting locations that offer quality pinball, while avoiding those that don’t …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve walked over 60 miles in the confines of a 100,000 square foot arcade with over 200 pinball games in the span of 4 days, all for the love of pinball …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve ever been called a pinball “enthusiast” in a derogatory or sarcastic manner, especially by an operator …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve traveled a long distance to play over 30 hours of tournament pinball, and then played more pinball in the airport or car trip on the way home …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’re concerned that sub-par route games are providing potential new players a poor pinball experience …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you are also concerned that these non-working games are negatively affecting the possibility of welcoming new pinball fans into the hobby …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.


This one is my fault.

  • If you, as a customer, have run tournaments with the purpose of increasing coinbox returns for operators or businesses you support …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve run these events for locations without even thinking of being compensated for your efforts …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you care about the quality of pinball being offered to fellow customers in your area …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve told an operator about issues with broken and malformed games, only to express disappointment that those issues have not been remedied for weeks or months afterward …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you have driven or flown to other states or even countries to play pinball, based on the good experiences you’ve had previously at the location …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve ever been disappointed when you’ve seen arcade gamers that have been forced to play dirty, broken pinball games …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve also been disappointed that these gamers might think that’s what pinball is all about …

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.

  • If you’ve ever been told by an operator that you should buy parts for them to fix an obvious issue with their game.

… you might be a #PAPAsnob.


I take no credit for this brilliance either ...

I take no credit for this effort either …

I hope that has helped you figure out what a #PAPAsnob is and whether you are one, too.

Maybe a #PAPAsnob is a super saiyan form of a pinhead or a pinballer.

Actually, “You might be a pinhead if … “ flows off of the tongue better, but #PAPAsnob inspired this.

If you were offended by any of this, then you are not worthy of being a #PAPAsnob.

These are the ones I could think of right now, but I am sure there are quite a few more that I haven’t listed.

What are some other examples that can prove your qualifications as a #PAPAsnob?

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