Austin Mackert joins the Buffalo Pinball team for Wednesday morning pinball streams. Every Wednesday starting January 18th, flip with Austin in the morning.

What? No cheesy morning sunshine graphic? I’ll have to fix that glaring omission:

You’re welcome, everybody! Now let’s go to “Whirl Wind” with the morning weather forecast …

Thanks! Well, it’s unbelievable! There’s a giant fan blowing for some reason! It just appeared out of nowhere! It’s causing everything to change direction! We don’t know what to do except try to lock a ball somewhere! OK, now onto traffic with “Shift Gears”!

Thanks Whirl! OK everybody, don’t go onto the freeway! A helicopter just flew into a cave, blasted apart and pieces of it flew into the Supercharger! Other than that, things are looking pretty good on the side streets even though the speed limit is getting broken repeatedly.

Back to you!

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