QUICK! Is the Medusa playfield slanted upward or downward?


OK, you know it has to be slanted the right way, because otherwise we couldn’t play it. But, a group of us pinballers were staring at it live at Rock Fantasy in Middletown, NY. The machines next to the game caused an illusion that made us question what we were seeing. We wondered if the effect would show up in a 2-D picture and it does. All of us were sober, by the way…

The illusion only broke down when we got really close to it.

If you are anywhere near upstate New York, make it a point to visit Rock Fantasy and play more than 30 great games from all eras.

Black Sabbath performed by chaos at Rock Fantasy

"Castle" of Prosthetic Records at Rock Fantasy

“Castle” of Prosthetic Records at Rock Fantasy

More pinball at Rock Fantasy

OH, LOOK! Here’s an unrelated dog!


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